Hi everyone,

here am I again.

Let’s go back to the 1st of February, when the Namibian champion rower Maike Diekmann came to visit us at the Oanob Dam at the open day that Anton had organized.

We spent the whole day at the Dam, explaining my project, my future plans and my problems to important business people. It was quite interesting to speak with all these different types of sports figures.

Anton tried to get people more involved in the Canoe Polo and Rowing Federation, which he langes very well.

Moreover, journalists from the NBC came to interview Maike, who is going to the Tokyo Olympic Games in June.

I was so lucky to be there; the journalists were very intrigued in our volunteering project and made a little interview with me and Aaron, which should come out soon.

The school lessons had started again, and I could give PE lesson to the girls from grade 4 to 7 the whole week, which was important for me. In the afternoon I continued to train the kids for the athletics competitions, which were taking place on the 8th February.

On the 8th the competition, that took place during the whole day, was a really nice opportunity to eat Namibian meat, to see the teachers freaking out for their kids, and to meet new teachers.

These competitions were only between the different athletes from our school, the Origo Primary School.

The best kids were selected to attend the zonal competitions, for the consecutive weekend.

On Valentine’s Day all the school in Rehoboth competed against each other.

It was funny to be a time-keeper and be there with the other volunteers from another organization in Rehoboth, Volunta.

And the best part is, our school won, which I’m overly proud about!

Some of our small athletes qualified to the national competition, which is a big honour for the school.

On the 17th we finally got our car back, despite the tire exploding on the way back home, I could finally start with the swimming and the Canoe polo lesson.

On the 21th I went to Cape Town to visit my aunt who has been living there for 40 years.

I did a lot of nice activities despite the short stay.

I jumped from the highest Bungee Jumping in the World, surfed in Muizenberg, climbed the Table Mountain, saw the most beautiful sunset and much more.

On Monday I went back to Rehoboth where I went to school the whole week. That car was back in the garage, so I couldn’t train in the afternoon.

On Wednesday I ran 10ks under the rain and the thunderstorms which made me feel so happy to be here.

On the 29th I ran my first half marathon in Windhoek. The start was at 5:30 am, this means we started the race in the dark and finished under the sun! It took me 1 hours and 57 minutes, which was a good time for a beginner.

On the 30th February… ooh no- little mistake, March is another story.

I will write really soon, I promise



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