Hi everyone,

how I already said, I like to postpone everything, especially writing my blog, but don’t worry, I’m back and I have a lot of news.

Before I continue, I want to add that we are now in the rainy summer season, which means that every day it rains from 4 to midnight non-stop. This is good for the Namibian countryside, animals and plants. To see a green Namibia has been my dream since the first day I arrived. It’s also good for the Oanob Lake, which has now increased from 7 to 14 km of length.

On the other hand, the rain also causes big issues to the simpler houses, which don’t have waterproof roofs. It’s also bad for the training, because the school closes in the afternoon if it’s raining too much, as well as the swimming pool.

Therefore, if you are in your cozy flat, reading a book, eating watermelon and listening to the notes that each raindrop makes touching the roof over your head, then you are the happiest person in the world.

But enough with the forecast description, let’s go ahead to my adventure.

I will go back to January, a month which has been literally a culture shock in all senses: boring, hard, sad and much more. I was welcomed in Rehoboth, after the nice holiday with my family, with terrible news that our car had broken down a week before.

It could sound insignificant for you, but for us, living in Rehoboth, to have a vehicle to bring the children to the Oanob Dam for training is indispensable, without that, we can’t continue our project in the afternoons.

At the beginning, it looked like the car was going to be ready in one week-maximum 10 days, which was fine. Then things turned out different than expected…

On the 15th of January Aaron and me went back to school, which I enjoyed a lot.

Unfortunately, I realized only after one week that things were going to go ahead and only get back to routine after a long while. This happened because the school and the classes were, and are, overcrowded with new children and we weren’t allowed to bring our classes out for the P.E. lessons. For these reasons I started to think about my stay in Africa and sensed my time being “wasted” for being in a school that didn’t need me for the next weeks and with a broken car which couldn’t give me the possibility to bring the children neither to the swimming pool nor to the lake.

I started missing my home, my family, my friends, the Italian food and so on for the next whole month.

Although having the feeling of being useless, I went every morning to school at 7 am and I tried to help with the athletics training.

In January and February all the schools in Namibia train their best athletes to compete at the Inter House and then Zonal athletics competition.

Every morning and every afternoon from 4 to 6 I trained the short and long-distance runners, which kept me busy and happy.

It gave me such a warm feeling for me to see the girls running their best time on the field, barefoot and under the Namibian sun.

Although they always arrived at the end of the 10×400 meters with a smile and saying, “thanks miss for training us!”.

In the meanwhile, I trained also a lot, with Aaron we used to wake up at 5:30 and go for a sunrise run, before school started and the Namibian sun braais you down.

On the 19th January I completed my first triathlon (750 meters swimming, 20 km riding a bike and 5 km running). It was a really nice experience!

On the weekend I always went to Windhoek, spending time with the volunteers living there and meeting new people all around the city.

Not the 21th January I took the crazy decision to ask my coach’s mother to make me braids.

It took her more than three hours, but the result was amazing.

I had to lose them after only 10 days but it worth it to feel like a real Wambo girl for a while.

At the end of the month the car was still broken, and I started asking around for a temporary transport.

But then suddenly February arrived, and this is another chapter.

Hold on for the next post.



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